Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dreams and Goals

I have never been good at long-term planning.  Not because I don't like it, but I have always struggled with sticking to a plan, and learning how to alter it as I go along.  And most importantly, I never learned to set goals, which I think is a real weakness of mine.

I really like Bad Dog Agility's definition of "dreams" vs. "goals".  Dreams are far away things, that you someday hope to accomplish but there are too many steps between here and there to see a clear path, while a goal is a target with a foreseeable timeline and clear steps for how to get there.  They also recommend taking an immediate step towards any goal that you set but...

So here's my dreams and goals for all three of us - Snowball, Ida, and Me.

Dreams - Snowball
- TEAM1 Title
- "Compete" in some kind of scent sport
- Get his intermediate trick dog title

Goals - Snowball
- Submit the papers for his Novice Trick Dog (NTD) by Friday, January 13, 2017
- Hind end conditioning with the end goal of pain relief for his arthritis (and improving his sit) - ongoing.
- Enter the Barnhunt fun match in Red Deer in March 2017.

Dreams - Ida
- Be comfortable around traffic
- Be comfortable around other dogs
- Get her CGN
- Title in agility
- Have running contacts

- Submit papers for her NTD title by Friday, January 13, 2017.
-  Attempt TEAM1 by May.
- Learn weaves and teeter by Summer 2017

Dreams - Me
- Incorporate dogs into my current work
- Be more organized

Goals - Me
- Take Snowball for a walk every day, even when the weather is bad*
*walking a circle around the cul-de-sac counts in really bad days.
- Train at least 5 minutes per day with each dog.  Seriously me, 5 minutes isn't that long, set a timer if I have to.
- Drink at least 1000 ml of water every day for the rest of January.
- Take at least 7500 steps every day for the rest of January.