Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Our Boogey Man Toolbox

Running/chase (play)
Soccer (play w/ toy)
Pepperoni (food)
Chuck-it disc (toy)
Floppy ball (toy)
String cheese (food)
Undercover bitey hands (play)
Fleece tug (toy)
Rollover (food)
Chest scratches/face rubs (play)
Tennis ball (toy)
Freeze dried liver (food)
Zukes  (food)
Wrestling/grabby hands (play)
"I died" (play)
Kisses (play)
Kibble (food)

This is not a perfect list; I only ranked things that are commonly available and definitely not an exhaustive list (I don't usually have cut up chicken or steak around, for example). Some of the items I've never tested against each other. For example, if I were to put Ida in a sit while holding a piece of pepperoni and then kick her soccer ball, I suspect she would stay sitting until she got the pepperoni and then would immediately chase the soccer ball, assuming no more pepperoni was obviously available.... but I'm not totally sure.